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ID Center is where industrial innovation and expertise will be concentrated in a single place. It is where local industries will shine on the regional, national and international stage. It is where experiences and knowledge will be shared. It is where businesses will grow together within an open, welcoming site.
ID Center also aims to offer a caring environment and optimum conditions for occasional visitors and those who work there every day.

The architects’ view

“ID Center is more than just a building. It will be both a resource centre and a meeting place. Nestled in a green setting surrounded by mountains, the Technocentre will benefit from architecture that reflects this unique site, balanced between tradition and innovation, between rigour and openness. We have therefore married wood and steel. Industrial cladding will frame large windows. The reception areas will be large, open spaces but with private areas, essential to the site’s activity. The building’s outstanding feature will be its auditorium resembling a take-off ramp, symbolising the site’s purpose as a launch pad.”

Hervé and Franck Brière

The Site

Guided Tour

Innovation, expertise, attraction and expansion are the words that reflect ID Center like echoes through the surrounding mountains. At the entrance, an innovation showroom will cast a spotlight on the remarkable know-how of local businesses. To the right, Open Smile, the new SNDEC exhibition promoting the industry’s professions. This space leads to a Convention Centre for hosting seminars, trade fairs and other events.  To the left, the showcase of Cetim-Ctdec know-how. Behind, there will be 2,000 m2 of workshops dedicated to the factory of the future and an e-learning centre. Offices will be located on the first floor. Of course, there will be many meeting places and areas in which to relax and chat over a coffee. Welcome to ID Center!

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The Site


The Site

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Take a virtual tour around the site before you come and meet the people who are making ID Center a hub of industrial expertise.